Transforming into an art gallery for one week in April, DCD’s Lowell Center recently housed the school biggest collection of middle school art to date, displaying more than 350 pieces created by students taking classes from the broad range of art electives offered at DCD. From work in metal, mosaic, wood, ceramics and and fabric to watercolors, prints, and digital photographs and art, the exhibit was a tribute to students’ passion and creativity.  The display included a number of pieces submitted to the annual Small Independent School Art League (SISAL), including nine that received awards. 

Though a beautiful piece of art is clearly the tangible result of the time a student spends in DCD’s art studios or in our famed woodshop, the lessons learned during the process are the most valuable. Working on a project from inception to completion involves creative thinking, problem solving, risk taking, and design refinement.  And quite often, students will discover an interest or passion they never knew they had.
Despite a deluge of rain on the evening of the opening reception, the gallery was packed with students and family members exploring and appreciating all the art that had been created over the course of the year. A number of selected students had the opportunity to share their creative experiences with the audience.
Click here for a peek at a selection of the student art work from the exhibit.