A group of Fourth Graders, all young, budding entrepreneurs, presented their summer business projects at Lower School Assembly on Wednesday, September 17.

Their projects ranged from lemonade stands to a disco car wash. Each Fourth Grader described the business, detailing three days on the job, what was fun and challenging about the activity, and which charitable organization received the proceeds and why.

Students were required to advertise their business, choose a location, and keep track of income and expenses, writing about their experiences in a daily journal based on guiding questions from teachers. In the process, they learned valuable lessons in both business and life.

Millie Smith, who donated the proceeds of her dog-walking business to the Off Leash Dog Area in Needham, received a letter from the town’s Board of Selectman commending her for her “caring spirit and sense of entrepreneurship. …It is gratifying to know that you care and are proud of your Town.”