The middle school Social Justice club has been meeting Wednesday mornings before school since November. Ms. Levi, DCD’s woodshop teacher and club advisor, is really pleased with the initiative this student-run group has been taking in exploring and understanding what social justice means. This is a time and space to vent, discuss, plan and act. Students bring different perspectives to what social justice is on a broad level and what it means in terms of bettering our community here at DCD.
Given all that is going on in our world, this club has provided a great opportunity for students to process with their peers all the current events that they see in the news and get exposed to at home and via social media.
Currently, students have three different art projects going that illustrate their voice and dedication to a cause. Some students are designing stickers, some are creating posters, and some are making buttons that they hope to disseminate throughout our community to help educate, support and create added visibility for equity and inclusion at DCD.