This week DCD had its second annual Geography Bee! Mrs. Webster kicked off the event welcoming parents, students, faculty and staff to the Rand Gym which was transformed into a game stage! The Bee was set with digital Jeopardy-style geography questions and four teams competed, each composed of a select group of students from grades 4 through 8. Every student in Grade 4-8 took a preliminary quiz, and the students who participated in the Geography Bee teams were the top scorers for their grade. Ms. Barre kept score and prepared the questions while Mrs. Harrison emceed the event and collected student answers. Team 1 began with The Fifty Nifty for 500 “This is the least populated state.”

As the timer clicked down toward zero, a student from Team 1 chimed in: “What is Wyoming?”

“You are correct!” declared Mrs. Harrison.

The audience erupted into thunderous applause! Despite the tension in the air, DCD’s school spirit could not be contained! With each correct answer, students cheered with excitement and enthusiasm for their classmates. With each round, a different student from each team had an opportunity to call the category or answer the question after thirty-second team deliberations. Whether in front of a small classroom or a packed auditorium, DCD students learn to use their voices and express their ideas with clarity and purpose.

In the end, it was a close competition, with the winner determined by the very last question: “This scientific theory asserts that the Earth’s surface is split into a number of large pieces that shift and move slowly over time,” Mrs. Harrison challenged.

Team 4 had the winning answer: “Plate tectonics!”

Fifth-graders Charly Thai and Lily Crowley both participated last year as Grade 4 students, and Charly Thai was on last year’s winning team as well as this year! Great work to everyone who participated in this lively and engaging event! Thank you to the auditors Mrs. Alphonse-Crean, Mr. Buffum and Mr. Pinola for ensuring fair play. Thank you to Mrs. Harrison and Ms. Barre for running the game and to the entire DCD community who showed up to support this annual tradition! Below is a complete list of this year’s participants.

Geography Bee Participants

Team 4 (Winner): Alex Hough (Gr 4), Charly Thai (Gr 5), Charlie Lans (Gr 6), Teddy Connolly (Gr 7), Margaux Weatherhead (Gr 8)

Team 3: Libby Fishbone (Gr 4), James Wands (Gr 5), Avery Blume (Gr 6), Gabriel Galva Diez (Gr 7) Colin Dufort (Gr 8)

Team 2: Lars Ulrich (Gr 4), Lily Crowley (Gr 5), Avery Wright (Gr 6), Jack McDonnell (Gr 7), Jayden McGLothin (Gr 8)

Team 1: Jayden Beale (Gr 4), Jack Cheever (Gr 5), Mae Barbuto Pelletreau (Gr 6), Charlotte Keohane (Gr 7), Jocelyn Riordan (Gr 8)