The spirit of community, connection, and competition were in the air during the 92nd DCD Olympics Day which took place on Monday, June 2nd.  Scrolling through the Zoom pages of our Olympics Day opening assembly, you could see that the red, white, and blue teams were going to be well represented despite our inability to compete on campus as a whole school community this year. This hallmark event has taken place since 1928, continuing even during some of the most difficult times in history, including the Great Depression and two world wars. Now, during this unprecedented time when we’re facing a global pandemic and fight for racial justice, the Olympics provided children a much-needed way to experience the joy of community.

Thank you to DCD’s athletic department for planning the day’s events to mirror, with some needed adjustments, what would have taken place out on the fields at 90 Sandy Valley Road. It’s a tradition for members of each family to belong to the same team, so it was fun to see siblings working together and cheering each other on as they completed events requiring athletic skill, agility, and concentration!
We’re looking forward to next spring when we can look out onto the lower field and experience the sea of red, white and blue enjoying this special day of camaraderie and competition!