New for the 2019-20 academic year, DCD’s Hawk Scholarship has been created for highly motivated middle school student applicants who embody the values of DCD’s mission. This very selective, merit-based opportunity recognizes new applicants who demonstrate outstanding academic, athletic, or artistic promise and a desire to make a meaningful contribution to the community at DCD.


DCD’s Hawk Scholarship is an award of up to $12,000, which results in a straight reduction of tuition for one academic year. Hawk Scholarships will be renewed annually, contingent upon the student maintaining good academic standing and demonstrating a positive contribution to the school, which will be determined at the sole discretion of DCD.

The Hawk Scholarship is open to all applicants, regardless of financial need. This merit-based grant is awarded to candidates based solely on the strength of their application and eligibility. If a family is eligible for partial financial aid and has a student who has applied for and received the Hawk Scholarship, they may combine this merit based grant with any need-based assistance granted to reduce tuition even further.

This new merit-based scholarship takes its name from DCD’s newly installed school mascot, the red-tailed hawk. After 115 years without a mascot, the red-tailed hawk was chosen based on voting and input from the entire DCD community including, students, alumni, teachers, administrators, and parents. Head of School Allison Webster often notes the similarities between students and our new mascot. “Hawks are patient, they work hard, but once in the sky, they have fun soaring, and though they may go away for a period of time, they always return home.” It’s a very fitting name for DCD’s new merit-based scholarship.

To learn more about the Hawk Scholarship and applicant eligibility please click here!