DCD middle school students received awards for their participation in sports during the fall term. Coaches presented the awards at the annual fall sports assemblies on November 14 and 21.

Coach’s Awards went to Alex Burmeister and Kenzie Kelly for varsity field hockey, Claire Holding and Emily Shih for girls’ soccer, Charlie Sinnott and Matthew O’Rourke for varsity boys’ soccer, Carly Ward and Megan Fuqua for JV field hockey, Gio Clark-Bascom for JV boys’ soccer, and Jack Connors for Cross Country.
Most Improved Player Awards went to Stephanie Abrego-Diez for varsity field hockey, Eleni Kolovos for varsity girls’ soccer, Gabby Rayev for varsity boys’ soccer, Hannah Peters for JV field hockey, Matthew Volfson for JV boys’ soccer, and Eli Leder for Cross Country.