This summer, Horizons students smoothly transitioned from the end of the school year into their new classrooms! From Pre-Kindergarten to 5th grade, the students are all off to a great start. In class, the students are working hard to develop proficiency in math, reading, writing, and STEM. Summer highlights from outside the classroom include engaging field trips, music lessons, and daily swimming classes!

Another unique staple in our program is our bi-monthly all-school assembly. In these assemblies, students practice their public speaking skills and share their own work with the community. In our first assembly, the 2nd grade presented photos, art, and written work from their field trip to the Gardner Museum, and the 4th grade performed a scene from the script of the Superman movie, which they are reading in class. In the second assembly, the Kindergarteners practiced their reading and counting for us, and sung their morning song. The fifth grade showed a video from their field trip to Hale and read short essays about why they should be able to go back next year. We hope that their good behavior continues this summer, and that the children are enjoying themselves!