We’re starting a new school-wide kindness project at DCD! Spearheaded by Spanish Teacher Señora Andrade, “Amigos Invisibles” is a special project that involves students, teachers, and staff members sending and receiving anonymous notes of kindness and encouragement throughout DCD.

Señora Andrade introduced this project at a recent school-wide assembly, inviting members of the community to participate. Based on the idea of an “Amigos Invisibles” game played in parts of South America, folks could sign up to exchange secret notes with randomly chosen friends throughout the school.
Once names are placed in the special basket, participants then draw a name to find out will receive their notes of kindness.  Head of School Allison Webster had the honor of picking the first name from the basket! The purpose is to bring a smile to the recipient’s face whether it be through words or pictures and to let them know they always have a friend. To maintain anonymity, notes are dropped off in a very special box in the front office and then Señora Andrade delivers them to each person.  While witnessing the smile a note may bring to someone’s face may make you feel really good, the challenge is to make sure you don’t reveal who you are! It’s a secret!
These amigos may be invisible, but the smiles, good feelings and cheer this activity is bringing to members of the DCD community are quite discernable!