The Ooch came to DCD on Monday! Brett Outchcunis, a motivational entertainer and “life coach” for kids, visited DCD during two special assemblies.  Delivering his “Positive Spin” program, Ooch, as he likes to be called, used a combination of storytelling, music, dance, comedy, and of course, yo yos to teach the children how to turn negative situations into positive ones.  

With his Positive Spin curriculum, he focuses on the challenges of growing up and how to deal with difficulties children may encounter in their daily lives.  He had lots of tools to share with the kids, for example, learning to push the reset button, which conveniently lives in the middle of your belly, or literally taking a step back before reacting to something that angers or upsets you.  Whether it’s a subtle or dramatic step, doing this, he says, “gives you space from your anger” and prevents the situation from getting even worse! Even the adults in the room enjoyed their time with Ooch. A healthy dose of laughter on a Monday morning is a wonderful thing!
Check out this video clip from his time with DCD students.  He will have you learning and laughing, too.
For more information on Ooch’s programs, curriculum and approach, visit his website at