Today marked the encore performance of 7th grade drama’s fall play, and a return to a cast favorite at DCD– the wrap party!

The Treasure Hunt offered a rousing mystery for the audience of teachers, families, and students– some of whom were experiencing their first live play performance at DCD. As a series of guests arrive at a mansion for a Halloween party, two simultaneous treasure hunts begin to unfold: one for a mythical pirate treasure, the other for the suspected thieves who intend to steal a set of priceless tiaras. With the performances of the talented 7th grade cast, intrigue, misadventure, and hilarity ensue!

After the performers took their final bow, they were treated to an unexpected surprise– an outdoor wrap party, long a DCD tradition, and the perfect conclusion to an unforgettable performance!

Thanks to Ms. Sidoli, the amazing cast, and all the teachers and parents who helped put on this incredible show!