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Chester Hedgepeth & Alyson Kelley-Hedgepeth

Annual Fund Ambassadors by Grade

Michael and Katie Cocchi
Allen Hwang and Supriya Rao
Lyle and Michelle Knight
Yanni Tsipis and Kristin Kara '91 

Dan Burch and Tricia Balatico Burch
Chris and Seneca Francione
Dave and Tara McDonald
Will and Siobhan Claflin
Tim Stratford and Karen O'Leary

Grade 1 
Charlie Baumeister and Kathryn Novicki '85
Kevin and Jamie Connors
Chirag Shah and Stephanie Schulte
Mark and Nicole Solimini
Jorge and Emily Torres '93
Stephen and Lucy Tshuka

Grade 2 
Stephen and Lauren Gogolak
Morgan Lackenbauer and Morgen Peck
Sarah Macri
Jonathan and Melissa Rutherford
Nate and Liz Vinton

Grade 3 
Bharat and Sweta Agrawal
Jim and Beth Bisson
Martins Lans and Kate McNeil
Aidan and Katherine Riordan
Ashley and Linda Shih

Grade 4 
Tom Burke
Rick and Michelle Freniere
Richard and Tamar Irving
Jake and Katie McDonnell
Evan and Katie Ouellette
Mike and Lindsay Wands

Grade 5 
Mike and Kristen Cloonan
Joe Cuccinelli and Melissa Crowe
Marshall Felix and Gwenn Miller
Deb Helen
John and Jessica Peters

Grade 6 
Dottie Catlin and Julie Catlin
John and Meg Connolly
John and Susanne Joyce
Gregg and Jen McGuirl
Bill and Lynne Morrison
Alex and Tracy Porteleki

Grade 7 
Curt Burmeister and Suzanne Ibbeken
Mark and Erin Epker '86
Bill and Allison Mankivsky
Erik and Robin Sjostrom
Jake and Dena Upton
Elizabeth Ward '77

Grade 8
Matt and Sheila Hiatt
Peter and Vivian Kolovos
Adam and Annmarie Landry
P.J McNealy and Rosemary Reilly
Steven Perry '85 and Sharisse Cail Perry

2019-20 Annual Fund Video

DCD Alumni Voices

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