Advancing DCD's Mission

One of the standout characteristics of DCD is the strength of our community. 
Whether it is the special bond between faculty and students; the engaged parents who bring so much energy and warmth to our campus; the alumni who remain connected with each other and the school; or the way our 8th grade leaders take Kindergarten “little buddies” under their wings, everybody at DCD has each other’s back.
These strong ties and deep sense of community not only create a welcoming environment, but contribute directly to the rich academic experience enjoyed by our students.
Our Advancement Office is here to advance the mission of the school by reinforcing these relationships and expanding on them to better connect with current and prospective members of the DCD community.  We do this through a range of activities, including:
  • Development: we work with our community to make sure DCD has the resources it needs to provide an outstanding and balanced experience in academics, arts, athletics, and public service;
  • Alumni Affairsin partnership with our Alumni Council, we seek to remain connected with our graduates and find ways to share their post-DCD experiences with our current students;
  • Communicationswe help each other stay connected by sharing important information about current activities and developments at the school with parents, faculty/staff, and the broader DCD community;
  • Marketing: we work to share the story of our mission and work with the outside world, so more people can appreciate the magic that takes place at DCD every day;
  • Event Planning: we lead the planning of events across the school that seek to foster closer relationships among our many internal and external constituencies.
We collaborate closely with the incredible faculty, staff, and parents at DCD to make all this happen, and look forward to connecting with you.  Our team is always here if you have any questions or want to share ideas about how DCD can most effectively advance its mission.
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