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DCD's Extended Day Program (EDP) provides a safe, friendly and nurturing environment for students beyond the regular school day. Children can participate in a wide range of projects and activities in a fun, creative and relaxed environment. DCD "EDPers" are artists, sports stars, horticulturalists, builders, actors, musicians, explorers, scientists, chefs and best of friends!

To sign up, complete the online registration form. 

Pre-Kindergarten Afternoon

Pre-Kindergarten students have the option to participate in EDP Mondays-Thursdays from 12:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Every day begins with lunch followed by free play in our choice filled EDP space, outside time, story or quiet time, a craft or activity of the day, and a healthy snack just before 3 pm.

Pre-K students are required to bring a ready-to-eat lunch every day that they participate in EDP.  For allergy reasons, no nut products are allowed.

Kindergarten - Grade 5 Afternoon

Kindergarten through 5th Grade students join EDP at 3 pm. After enjoying a snack together, students may participate in outdoor play and seasonal sports and a variety of both structured and unstructured indoor activities.

All students staying for Extended Day must bring a nut-Free lunch. For allergy reasons, no nut products are allowed.

Students needing to complete homework are provided a quiet study space where they can focus on their school work. Children are encouraged to take advantage of the special weekly enrichment programs that we offer.

EDP for Middle School

The Middle Schoolers join EDP at 4:30pm. After enjoying a snack, students may participate in outdoor play and seasonal sports and a variety of both structured and unstructured indoor activities. The majority of students will have homework to complete and are provided a quiet study space where they can focus on their school work.

Many times EDP is used as a safe place for the Middle School athletes who need a place to wait for their pick-ups on game days. Much of the time this is only for a few minutes and families are never charged for time amounting to 30 minutes or less.

Meet the Staff

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Megan Saia

    Mrs. Megan Saia 

    Director of the Extended Day Program
  • Photo of Sean Reardon

    Sean Reardon 

    Extended Day Teacher

Enrichment 3-4:30pm

Extended Day Enrichment Activities
DCD offers a variety of enrichment activities in addition to our standard extended day program. There is an additional charge for these activities and registration is required. These activities are open to all students whether they are signed up for the extended day program or not. Classes include chess, yoga/mindfulness, dance, Spanish, and sports. View descriptions of the Spring 2020 offerings. Similar classes will be offered through the extended day program in the Fall of 2020. Please contact Megan Saia for scheduling and details. 

After School Music Lessons
DCD hosts an extensive Private Music Instruction Program from Strings to Percussion, Bass, Woodwinds and Voice. Extended Day students are escorted to and from their music lessons. Click here for more information on PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS AT DCD.

EDP offers students the ability to have a central location when going to and from private music lessons or various scheduled programs such as tutoring or school specialized clubs or groups.



List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • What are the costs associated with DCD's Extended Day Program?

    Rates for Extended Day Program
    The Extended Day Program charges two types of rates: “registered” and “drop-in.” Registered rates apply to those children who are registered in the Extended Day Program for regular days during each week of the term. Drop-in rates apply to those children who are not registered. Because it is difficult to plan around an unforeseen number of children, drop-in service is reserved for emergencies or sudden, unexpected changes in schedule and requires twenty-four-hours notice.
    To qualify for the “registered” rate your child must attend EDP at least one day a week over four consecutive weeks.
    Registration for EDP is due by the first day of the school year. Complete the registration form here for 2019-20 EDP Program. If you do not hear from EDP, you may assume that your selection has been approved. Enrollment in EDP is based on available space so it is important to secure your child’s spot in the program as soon as you are able. EDP assumes that you will continue throughout the year with your chosen days and times unless you inform them otherwise. Changing a day or time for a registered child can be done through a simple email request to the EDP Director, Megan Saia.
    TimeRegistered RateDrop-in Rate
     (per hour)(per hour)
    12:00 – 6:00$21.00$25.00
    4:30 – 6:00*$10.00*$10.00*
    *this rate applies only to students arriving after 4:30 p.m.
    Bills are rendered by the Business Office and due monthly.
    For Financial Aid considerations and additional billing questions please contact the EDP Director, Megan Saia at (msaia@dcds.net). 
  • How do I contact EDP when my schedule changes?

    Please email the Director, msaia@dcds.net. You can also get a message to EDP staffers by way of the main office, 781-329-0850.

    Please be aware: your child is safe with us and will be attended at all times. If you can't contact us directly for any reason to tell us you will be picking up late or have a change in pick-up personnel be assured your child is in good hands.
  • How does carpool and pick-up work?

    Pick-up for EDP students is right in front of Huntington House by the swimming pool. Please pull in front and come in to collect your child. Most times your child will be involved with an activity when you arrive so please be conscious of the fact that there may be transitional time necessary before he/she is ready to leave.

    EDP provides supervision for any students who are not picked up during regular pick-up times. All students, including Middle Schoolers, must attend late afternoon supervision at EDP if they are not being picked up at the normal dismissal time. Parents must pick up their children by 6pm Monday through Thursday and Fridays by 5:30pm.

    Please be considerate of the staff and allow enough time to meet the pick-up deadline.
  • What happens at lunch?

    Lunch is a great time for students to visit with their classmates and on Fridays with schoolmates from various grades. This is an important part of EDP and we take a half hour or more to make sure we all have a good, healthy lunch with plenty of time to finish our meals. All students staying for Extended Day must bring a nut-Free lunch. Milk is provided. Children are encouraged to keep any left over food in their lunch boxes so they can have it as a snack later in the day.

    For allergy reasons, no nut products are allowed.

    Even though we provide water all day, and milk at meals and snack time, many children choose to bring their own water bottles and it is a great source of hydration throughout the day.
  • How do I sign up for EDP?

    You can complete our online registration form here or contact Megan Saia, Director of Extended Day at msaia@dcds.net.
  • How will I be charged if my child is in EDP but registers for an enrichment class?

    Families are only charged for the time their child is at EDP. Enrichment classes are a separate flat rate for the entire session and are not prorated. Students attending enrichment classes will only be charged the Enrichment Class Rate for the session and will not be charged an additional fee for EDP” 
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