The Groups

Our Groups: (based on grade being entered in fall 2019)
  • Brown Bears: Nursery & Pre-K
  • Polar Bears: Kindergarten
  • Chipmunk: 1st Grade
  • Coyotes: 2nd Grade
  • Foxes: 3rd Grade
  • Eagles: 4th Grade
  • Lions: 5th Grade
  • Hawks 6th & 7th Grades

FULL DAY: 9am-4pm (3.0 years old-7th grade.)
HALF-DAY: 9am-1pm (3.0 years old-entering 1st grade.)
EXTENDED-DAY: 8-9am, 4-5:30pm

Rain or Shine!

•Rainy days are no problem at DCDC. With two large gymnasiums and several large multi-purpose spaces, our camp offers a full progam every day regardless of weather.  
•Swim lessons continue through a light rain, as long as there is no threat of lightening. All of our outdoor activities (sports, archery, etc) are easily moved into the gymnasiums.
•Our buildings are also air-conditioned so that campers can get a break from the heat and sun on hot days. 

What to Pack

  • Lunch- Everyday EXCEPT Friday when a cookout or pizza lunch is provided,
  • 2 Swimsuits and towels, (1 for half-day groups)
  • Swimsuits should be WORN to camp, with clothes to change into after swimming.
  • Hat for hot sunny days
  • Sunscreen labeled with your child's name (to keep at camp)
  • Bugspray labeled with your child's name (to keep at camp)
  • Slip-on shoes ONLY for walking to and from the pools
  • Water bottle
  • Optional - Blanket or pad for resting on (Pre-K and Kindergarten groups)

Sunscreen and Bug Spray should be applied BEFORE the child gets to camp.

What About Food?

  • DCDC provides a mid-morning snack. The campers bring their own lunches to camp.
  • DCDC is a nut-aware campus. Peanut products are allowed, but a nut-free area for eating can easily be monitored.
  • On Fridays we alternate with either  a cookout lunch (hamburgers, hotdogs, chips,  & drinks) or Pizza and drinks is provided for all campers.

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