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Welcome Parents!

As a member of the DCD community, you are automatically a part of our Parent Association! One of the hallmarks of our school is the commitment that parents make to getting involved. DCD would not be the same school without the dedicated contributions of our families.

Your participation as a volunteer in school events not only helps the school, but also greatly enriches your child’s experience at DCD.  And along the way, it will give you opportunities to get to know other parents and families.

recognize that the amount of time that parents are able to commit to volunteer activities varies from family to family. Whether you are available on a one-time or ongoing basis, your involvement is welcomed and appreciated.  
On this page you will learn more about the structure of the Parent Association and how it works, as well as the many opportunities that exist for you to get involved. We hope you will take some time to explore and to reach out to any of the Executive Committee members with questions. While the 2020-2021 school year will look differently, there will still be ample opportunities to get involved!

Goals of the Parent Association

The purpose of the Parent Association is to encourage and coordinate parent involvement at DCD and to enhance communication between parents and the school. All parents of current DCD students are members of the PA. The goals of the PA include:

  • Organize parent volunteers to assist the school in areas where necessary.
  • Create opportunities for parents to get to know one another and other members of the DCD community.
  • Educate parents by providing speakers and programs on relevant issues.
  • Work with the Head of School and faculty, as needed, to ensure clear communications between parents and the Administration.
  • Aim to be receptive and responsive to the concerns of all DCD parents.

Executive Committee 2020-21

Amy Starmer

Sharon Perkins-Allen

Vice Presidents

Class Parents
Dottie Catlin

Whitney Cheever

Community Affairs/Service Learning
Kate Cocchi

Stephanie Pearl

New Families
Linda Shih

Explore DCD's Parent Association

The Four Branches of the PA

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  • Class Parents

    Class parents for each grade are responsible for organizing all class-related activities for one school year. Major responsibilities include: Back-to-School Night, class play, field trips, teacher assistance, and the class dinner. Being a class parent does not require being at school and can be done easily by e-mail.

    Vice President: Dottie Catlin
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  • Communications

    The purpose of the Communications branch of the Parent Association is to enhance communication between DCD parents and the School, and among parents. This includes updating bulletin boards, posting information in the Weekly eNews, and sending flyers home with students about special events. In addition, the Communications Chair manages the Parent Volunteer Database for the Parent Association. 

    Vice President: Whitney Cheever
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  • Community Affairs

    The purpose of the Community Affairs branch of the PA is to encourage a strong sense of community among DCD’s diverse group of families. Community Affairs promotes connections among DCD parents and works toward the goal of ensuring that the School has a strong and positive presence in the broader community.

    Vice President: Kate Cocchi
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  • Functions

    The purpose of the Functions branch of the PA is to organize the major non-fundraising events that occur during the school year. This year those events are Annual Meeting Dinner, Bingo Night, Trim the Gym, Skating Party, Grandparents’/Special Friends’ Day, Sports Evening, and the Closing Exercises Reception. Chairpersons are selected and committees formed for each function. Throughout the year various committees are at work planning for upcoming events. Being on the Functions Committee is a great way to volunteer at DCD and participate directly in school activities.

    Vice President: Stephanie Pearl
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  • New Families

    The purpose fo the New Families branch is to work with the PA and the School administration to help make new families feel welcome and included in the community from the moment they are accepted to DCD to the completion of the first school year. Working with host families, the New Families’ Representative helps make new families aware of key school events and traditions.

    Vice-President: Linda Shih

Other Volunteer Committees

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  • Admissions

    Admissions Assistance
    PA Chair                  Amy Starmer            919-928-4214    
    Faculty Chair          Emilie Liebhoff          781-329-0850  X2503                                                                            
    This committee helps the Admissions Office with the following activities: outreach to prospective parents by phone or e-mail, Host Families’ Program, Open House, Admissions Teas, New Families’ Picnic, Admissions Reception, post an Open House Lawn Sign, and Recruitment Fairs. Detailed information about each of these activities, including dates and time commitments, is available from the Admissions Office. If you are interested in promoting the school and welcoming new and prospective families, this is the committee for you.

    Admissions Ambassadors
    The DCD Admissions Ambassador Program provides prospective families an opportunity to connect with the current DCD parent community during several critical points in the admissions process. DCD Parent Admissions Ambassadors assist admissions by volunteering during Open Houses, school fairs, and other admissions events. Ambassadors are a valuable resource for prospective families during the admissions process.
  • Library

    Librarian                  Camille Harrison         781-329-0850  X2552

    Parent Chair            Michelle Freniere

    Book Fair
    A Paperback Book Fair is held each school year in the spring. A volunteer group of parents and faculty coordinates this annual event. Help is needed to set up the day before and sell on the day of the Fair and is usually done in shifts. Parents wishing to volunteer may call the Chair or speak to the school Librarian.
    Library Assistance
    Volunteers are needed to commit to work for two to three hours on a given day once every two weeks during the school year. Help is needed to check books in and out, shelve, and occasionally to work on small projects with the Librarian. The Librarian instructs volunteers, but knowledge of the computer and the shelving system is very useful.
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  • Other Types of General Assistance

    There are a number of occasional tasks and activities for which the school needs volunteer assistance. For more information, please refer to the Parent Volunteer Form. 

Parent Association Calendar

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