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Alumni Association Mission

The Dedham Country Day School Alumni Association seeks to foster and strengthen the bond between the school and its former students in ways that are meaningful as well as mutually beneficial. To this end, the Association organizes and supports reunions and other activities that enable former students to reconnect with the school and one another, sustain DCD's mission and reputation, and engender pride in and loyalty to the school.

The Role of the Alumni Council Members

Established in 2007, the DCD Alumni Council seeks to foster lifelong relationships among current and future students and serve as a bridge between the school and the alumni population. The primary role of its members is to act as ambassadors of DCD, promoting exchange of information and sentiment between the school and the alumni community. Underlying all that the Council does is a commitment to the DCD mission statement.

Alumni Council

Nicole Mayard Allen '00
Torie Allen '01
Jeff Barker ’69
Jen Cabot Breslin ’87
Katie Keally Cochran ’82
Liza Connelly ’81
Lizzie Crocker '00
Nick Crocker '96
Kristie Gillooly Dean '02
Erin Keith Epker ’86
Odile Weissenborn Gordon ’84
Zander Grant ’70
Melanie Guerra '86
Elizabeth Pyle Handler ’79
Louisa Harrison '04
Beth Woelfel Harvey ’92
Whitney Hunter-Thomson ’98
Jason Indelicato '94
Nick Jackson '87
Alex Nessa ’02
Cate Tynan O'Dwyer '90
Lindsey Marich Owen '97
Nick Papps '95
Steve Perry ’85
Lee Mumford Peterson ’86
Brooke Phinney ’05
Colby Hunter-Thomson Previte ’91
Ted Russell ’53 (Emeritus)
Jamie Stoddard ’97
Elizabeth Ward ’77
Jen Bigelow Williams ’86
Linda Mixter Woodard ’58
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