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Dedham Country Day| Fall 2020 Return to School

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School opening logistics, instructions, and reminders are all included on this page and were sent to current families via email at the end of August. Please contact Leslie Bowen at lbowen@dcds.net if you are a current family and are not receiving school communications. 

DCD’s Plans for Reopening School, 2020-21

We are pleased to provide you this information and resource site regarding DCD’s plans for reopening school this fall.  As outlined in the Fall 2020 Back to School guide we shared earlier this summer, the school’s leadership team and COVID-19 Response Planning Team worked to prepare for three primary scenarios to provide our students a safe and meaningful return to school:  on-campus learning with enhanced safety measures in place; a hybrid approach that combines on-campus schooling with distance learning; and a comprehensive distance-learning program for all students.

We planned for an on-campus reopening in September, and are confident that we are doing so safely and in full compliance with all state guidelines.  As we all know, and you will see in more detail below, school looks quite different this year, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate closely to ensure that our students continue to grow, learn, and thrive while maintaining the health of our community.

It is important to note that because the trajectory of the pandemic remains uncertain, we also need to be prepared to pivot to one of our alternative scenarios if the state mandates a change or the situation in our school population requires it.  It was truly inspirational to see how everyone at DCD rallied around our unexpected transition to distance learning in the spring, and we know our community is ready to grapple with whatever new challenges come our way this year - thank you, in advance, for your partnership in this unprecedented undertaking.

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  • To learn more about the factors that will guide DCD’s decisions on potential changes to our plans, click here.

    Because the situation is constantly evolving, we are well prepared for other possible scenarios, including a hybrid approach with periods of on-campus schooling and periods of distance learning, as well as a comprehensive distance learning program for an extended period of time. 

    DCD will change its plan if we receive a mandate from Governor Baker, as was issued in March, or if we determine that a series of markers (i.e. test positivity rates, transmission rates in the state) indicate it is not safe to open. Because we have strong leadership in Massachusetts, it is likely that the state will take a conservative approach to health and safety should state numbers rise. 

    If you have any concerns about your child returning to campus, please contact Emilie Liebhoff, Assistant Head of School and Director of Admissions at eliebhoff@dcds.net.
  • To learn more about the resources DCD has used to plan for reopening, click here.

    It is clear that many decisions will be made by the Commonwealth, based on the state of COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts. While there are things we can control as a school, the larger context of the state of the pandemic in our area will be the driving factor for what we are or are not able to do as a school. The early Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) guidance for schools, including 3-foot distance and mask requirements, were established using current best practices; the final recommendations, including guidance about athletics and music instruction, will also be based in transmission numbers, positivity rates, etc. 

    While following state regulations, we will provide a program that meets the needs of DCD’s children using our robust staffing and large campus space -- in many instances, our program is likely to exceed the state guidelines. To review the draft guidance issued by the state, click here.
Dear Families,
I welcome you all to the 2020-2021 school year, and I plan to do so without the words unprecedented, unimaginable, or difficult littering the paragraphs below. We all know the challenges of the moment, and yet I know your families also found times of joy, normalcy, connection, growth, rest, and comfort this summer. And in spite of the fragmentation of the time, I know all of us are sustaining our connection to our DCD community. Your capacity to find joyful moments speaks to the strengths of our community, and it is these strengths I want to focus on as I welcome you to the school year ahead.

During a time like this one, it is easy to focus on possible negative outcomes and weaknesses, and it is often useful to do so. By thinking about what can go wrong we can address those risks to the best extent possible, and prepare for the challenges we face. We’ve done a lot of this type of “black hat” thinking this summer and it has allowed us to shape an in-person opening that accounts for the myriad of challenges that exist because of the pandemic. It has been useful thinking about what might go wrong.

But there’s another question we need to ask about the school year ahead: What might go right? Believe it or not, the list of things that may go right is long. Students may feel buoyed by seeing classmates and strengthening their sense of purpose and community with a return to school. Students may learn from our model of resilience and determination. We all may become more comfortable living with uncertainty and train our ability to focus on the actions that are within our control. And in the year ahead, children may discover new ideas or talents or reconnect with ones already discovered, that become the hub of a lifelong passion or career. We may find ourselves not feeling fragmented, but rather feeling more connected to and grateful for our DCD community.

For current DCD parents, to access links to DCD's hybrid and distance learning plans, please visit the Resource Board on the parent portal. Please note, you will need to log into MyDCD to access the Resource Board. You can also click on the links below to the DCD Staying Connected page and the DCD Tech Tips slide presentation.

Everything You Need to Know for the Start of School

MyMedBot App: All families must fill out their symptom monitoring form by 7:30 a.m. and be ready to show the green clearance screen in carpool.

Arrival Time: Please be sure your children arrive between 7:45 a.m. and 8:15 a.m. Students should use their assigned entrance and proceed immediately to their classroom pod.

Drop-off Procedure: Click here to view carpool drop-off instructions and here to see the video "Carpool in the Time of COVID."

Wear a Mask: Children should be wearing a mask when they return to school and carry an extra one in their backpack. Due to their lower efficacy, neck gaiters, bandanas, and masks with valves are not permitted.

Pick-up Time: Dismissal for lower-school students is at 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. for middle-school students. Please remember to pull forward as directed by staff members and refrain from cell phone use as you pick up your child. During this time, we cannot accommodate families parking and walking to the building to pick up their children.

Dress Code Update: In order to accommodate the transition to PE/athletics with no change of clothes, the Dress Code has been temporarily relaxed so students may wear blue jeans and athletic pants/shorts to school through Thanksgiving. All clothes must still be in good condition and appropriate for school.

Ready for Sports: Click here for detailed information about DCD's Athletic Program. Click here to view a video message from Director of Athletics Mark Jackson. 

Use Caution: To facilitate campus traffic flow and assist with campus safety, please drive with extreme care whenever you are on campus. In addition, please remember that the Highland Street driveway between Herrick and Huntington Houses may be used only by families dropping children off at Huntington House for pre-K. All other families should continue to use the main driveway for both pick-up and drop-off.

Fill Out Forms: Visit www.dedhamcountryday.org, click on “MyDCD Login,” and you will be prompted to complete any outstanding forms required for your child for the start of school.

Maintaining Community Health and Safety

Below we describe the physical and policy changes DCD has undertaken to help ensure a safe school environment, and we ask for your partnership in ensuring compliance with these protocols as well as all state safety guidelines.

Updated Health Policies
Everyone in the DCD community - faculty, staff, students, parents - shares responsibility for our collective health and safety.  Please click here to read the school's updated health policies governing our protocols for keeping our community safe and responding to illness or exposure to the virus.

DCD Community Care Pledge
It is critical that all members of the DCD community adhere to the highest standards and commit to carefully monitoring their health, wearing face masks, washing and sanitizing hands frequently, and complying with all state and local safety regulations, both on campus and outside of school. We ask that all families complete the DCD Community Care Pledge (please visit the DCD login page; you will be notified that you have the form to complete), agreeing to do your part to keep our campus and community safe.

Daily Health Screenings are required

Before arriving on campus each day, all faculty, staff, and students will be required to complete a symptom and wellness check, utilizing the MyMedBot app, to attest they are symptom-free. This app is recommended by both our school doctor, Dr. Michael Cocchi, and our school nurses, Sara Payton-Stone and Emily Osinubi, as it additionally allows the medical team to monitor symptoms among sick community members, and track health trends.

Notifications will go out daily to families at 6:00 a.m. and submission must be done by 7:30 a.m. To obtain clearance to access DCD's campus each day, parents must answer a few smiple questions on the MyMedBot app and show the "Cleared to Come to Campus" screen on their phone to staff in the drop-off line.

When completing the MyMedBot app survey each morning, please use discretion when providing your answers. While you must be truthful with your symptom reporting, please frame your answers around whether or not you feel your child is sick or might be getting sick.

Masks are Mandatory

Families should send their children to school with two face masks and refrain from using bandanas or neck gaiters, which do not provide the same level of protection. Masks are required for all students (Pre-K to 8) during the day, during arrival and dismissal, and should be readily available at all times. Click here to review the CDC's recommendations for selecting, wearing and cleaning masks. 

While our faculty and staff will supply their own masks, we will have clear masks available for those teaching our youngest students, and for our reading and language teachers. In addition, we have ordered a significant amount of PPE should a disposable mask be needed by anyone at any time.

Many Opportunities for Mask Breaks 
Students will have mask breaks frequently throughout the day but only in instances when they can remain a minimum of 6’ apart from one another.  Mask breaks will coordinate with hand hygiene breaks so that we can ensure our students are washing their hands after taking on and off their masks for playing, drinking, and eating.

Adaptations to the Campus and Buildings

DCD has developed a classroom plan that allows students and faculty to spread out over the full campus, utilizing assigned entrances and exits to reduce foot traffic. In addition, we have purchased materials and seating for dedicated outdoor classroom spaces. 

Significant work has been done on our HVAC systems, with air purifiers, additional sinks, and new windows installed in spaces across the campus. We are utilizing new cleaning equipment (electrostatic) and have greatly expanded our Health Office to encompass the choral music room (across the hall from the original Health Office). This ensures we have multiple spaces for children to visit the Health Office, whether related to medication needs, minor issues (i.e. splinter, lost tooth, etc.), or the onset of a viral illness (in which case we have sufficient space to isolate that student).

Community Member Responsibility

It is critical that all members of the DCD community (students, faculty, and staff) adhere to the highest standards and commit to carefully monitoring their health, wearing masks properly, washing and sanitizing hands frequently, and communicating any concerns regarding illness exposure and transmission.

Encourage frequent hand washing and ensure your child has face masks that are comfortable and well-fitting. It may be beneficial to practice wearing masks for longer periods of time at home, to anticipate the school environment.

Lastly, it is important that you and your family members adhere to the Massachusetts travel order. Massachusetts has worked hard to flatten the curve and so we ask that families and staff remain in New England for the two weeks prior to the start of the new school year or follow the travel guidance recently issued by Governor Baker.

School Calendar and Schedule Adjustments

While we have published the school calendar for the full year, we recognize that changes may be needed regarding events, field trips, and other activities as we navigate this challenging year. Some key changes to the calendar for this year include:

Arrival Time: 7:45 a.m. - 8:15 a.m.
Students will not be able to exit their vehicles until 7:45 a.m. and early drop-off will not be available. 
Dismissal Times:
Pre-K - 12:00 p.m. with "Stay & Play" available until 3:00 p.m.
K - Gr 5 - 3:00 p.m.
Gr 6-8 - 4:30 p.m.
All students are dismissed at 12:30 p.m. on Fridays.

September 25: Virtual Learning Day
To assist us all in preparing for potential future distance learning, Friday, September 25 will be a virtual day of learning for students (Pre-K-8) and schoolwork will be completed from home.
October 9: No School - Professional Development Day
To ensure we continue to build in opportunities for faculty and staff to continually refine their curriculum and classroom experiences, October 9 will be a Professional Development Day and there will be no school. 
October 16: No School - Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences for Primary, Lower and Middle School
November 2: No School - Professional Development Day
To ensure we continue to build in opportunities for faculty and staff to continually refine their curriculum and classroom experiences, November 2 will be a Professional Development Day and there will be no school.

Campus and Building Restrictions During COVID

To ensure we keep our students, faculty, and staff as safe as possible and to minimize exposure, we will not allow visitors, including parents, to campus and inside the school buildings once school is in session. In addition, we will not be renting our facilities to outside groups or organizations. 

While it is disappointing to include parents in this restriction, it is necessary to ensure we provide the safest environment to our community. Laura Martinez will continue to manage the main office from a tent outside the building and will be available to answer any questions from her designated space. We are asking parents and caregivers who are dropping off and picking up their children to please adhere to social distance requirements and mask-wearing should you need to speak with Ms. Martinez.

Measures if a Community Member Becomes Sick

This summer, our school nurses completed training on contact tracing and are ready to work with contact tracers should we have a positive case on campus. To determine who needs to be quarantined and for how long, contact tracers take into account factors including the length of contact, the behavior of contacts, ventilation, and when the diagnosed person became symptomatic.

Our pod design is intended to minimize the number of people who would need to be quarantined in the event of a positive case. In all cases, however, if there is a positive case in a pod, members of that pod will be expected to complete a 14-day quarantine in order to return to campus.

There are likely to be circumstances during the school year when a pod needs to close or shift to distance learning for a period of time. The reasons behind such a closure may include a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, exposure as tracked through contact tracing, or other health reasons. There may also be instances where a pod needs to transition to distance learning due to staffing shortages caused by faculty illness, the need to quarantine, or other circumstances preventing faculty from being on campus. 

In any case of pods temporarily closing or shifting to distance learning, the school will notify impacted families in a similar manner to snow closing communications: you will receive a text message and/or voicemail as soon as the decision is made to close the pod, which may be the day or night before, or early in the morning. 

Modifications to DCD's Health Office
As described above, we have expanded our health office space to encompass separate areas so that we can accommodate community members exhibiting symptoms until they are able to leave campus safely. 

Maintaining Privacy
Please note that, due to HIPAA privacy protections, DCD does not plan to notify families when a student or faculty/staff member is sent home with symptoms of illness or even a suspected COVID-19 case. We will take any appropriate action to safeguard the impacted pod. However, any communication with families will only occur once there has been a confirmed COVID-19 case, which will be followed by detailed contact tracing, isolation, and potential pod closure, in consultation with the Dedham Board of Health.

Important Upcoming Dates

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Academic and Activity Programming

In addition to the new safety protocols described above, our academic program will include a number of modifications, notably a pod-based learning module, new class configurations, and revised approaches to arts and athletics. While it will certainly look different, we are confident this approach will provide children the balance of academics, athletics, arts, and social/emotional learning that characterizes the DCD educational model.

Employing A Pod-based Learning Model

Given the state directive to limit the size of cohorts and minimize the interaction of students across groups, we have designed “learning pods” that will allow us to deliver our program in teams of learners and teachers who will stay together for most of the day, either in a dedicated space or in a limited number of spaces on campus.  This allows us to minimize risk by reducing the number of individuals with whom a child comes into contact.

In most grades, a “pod” is the size of a homeroom and will include a homeroom teacher and at least one specialist. In grade 7, the full grade level will be a pod, since this will allow students to mix with their classmates for language, math, arts, and sports.  The same model will be used for grade 8.  All DCD faculty and a number of staff members will be assigned to and exist in designated pods to ensure that we have proper supervision and support across all grade levels throughout each day.

In this model, students may receive some instruction that is online, even while they are on campus, to minimize interactions outside their pods.  All students will receive a pod and/or advisor assignment prior to the start of school.

Reconfiguring Our Learning Spaces

To ensure we meet or exceed the state-required 3-foot distance between students, we have designed a plan that maximizes all spaces on campus, including our shared spaces (i.e. Lowell Center, Valentine Center, Primary Gym) to dedicate them to students or faculty. Our goal is to preserve our green space for outdoor learning rather than consume it with classroom trailers. We are fortunate to have ample space on campus to spread out, and a Facilities Team that has used its imagination, creativity, and hardworking hands to bring our plan to life. 

We will utilize our 17-acre campus which includes wonderful spaces for outdoor classroom learning. These include our pine grove, the Hale House lawn, the Valentine Center patio, and the new outdoor learning pavilion which is available to us thanks to this year’s 8th-grade parent class gift.

Curriculum Delivery

Though our school may look a bit different this year, our ability to deliver a DCD education reflective of our mission remains unchanged – we are ready and resilient. Whether on campus or in a hybrid form, students from Pre-K to grade 8, will have access to a program that embraces each element of academics, arts, athletics, and service-learning.

Members of DCD's faculty and staff have been working on every aspect of our curriculum from academics, to arts, to athletics, service learning, and programming for social and emotional development.  They've engaged in many hours of professional development to expand their pedagogical toolset for in-person, distance-learning, or a hybrid model should we need it. 

If conditions in the state of Massachusetts change and we need to pivot to a distance learning model, DCD is ready to do so.  With the extensive experience we gained during our distance learning program this spring and the required professional development for all faculty this summer, we are confident in our ability to deliver a robust distance learning program if needed. 

Managing Students Learning from Home

We know there are a variety of reasons why students may need to stay home during the school year. We plan to use a combination of bringing students live into classes and asynchronous learning to make sure we meet these students’ learning needs, and we will make sure students in grades 3 through 8 have appropriate personal devices to work remotely.  If a device is needed to ensure learning in your home for students in Pre-K- grade 2, please contact our Technology Department at support@dcds.net.

Field Trips May Be Possible

Where possible, and with some ingenuity and creativity, we will keep field trips on the calendar. In some cases, we may need to adjust the timing and location of field trips, and certainly, some will be canceled if the locales are not conducive to social distancing requirements (any transportation used would follow state guidelines). Classroom teachers will provide additional information concerning grade-specific trips.

Specials in Arts, Music, Woodshop and Library

It is critical for our students to continue to have strong exposure to the supplementary programming that bolsters our traditional curriculum. Our arts and woodshop offerings (and library at the primary and lower school level) will rotate through the grades with daily instruction for three weeks. This will allow students to participate in a variety of classes while allowing for arts and library faculty to only interact with one pod at a time.
Our arts and library programs will take place in the classrooms and outside, as well as in the woodshop and lower arts studio. While we will not offer band and chorus this year, general music instruction will be included in the arts rotation for all students in Pre-K grade 5.
DCD students also have the opportunity to study a variety of instruments through the Private Music Program, directed by Valerie Snow. In alignment with DCD's effort toward COVID-19 prevention by limiting student interaction, private lessons will not be held in school or on school grounds, and will take place off-campus or remotely. Lessons begin the week of September 14, and follow the DCD school calendar. To sign up, please complete the registration form located under "After-School Activities and Clubs" on the Resource Board of the DCD parent portal. For more information, contact Valerie Snow at vsnow@dcds.net.

Modified Athletic Activities

Click here for detailed information about DCD's Athletic Program for the 2020-2021 school year and click here for a welcome video message from DCD's Director of Athletics Mark Jackson. 

All students will continue to enjoy a variety of activities and sports within their pod to allow for fitness and competition in a safe and distanced environment. At the middle-school level, students won't compete against other schools, but will continue athletic engagement Monday through Thursday from 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 pm. Primary- and lower- school students will participate regularly in physical education (PE) classes. All students should come to school in footwear that is appropriate for outdoor activity. Unlike previous years, students in grades 4, 5 and the middle school will not change into athletic uniforms for PE class and practice.

Drama and Plays

DCD’s long-standing drama program has always focused on each grade working together to delve into a play theme, create characters, develop acting skills, and build confidence. Despite an atypical school year, the cultivation of these important skills and DCD tradition will remain.
As in years past, Ms. Sidoli will teach drama to each grade, which will have its own class drama theme (revealed on the first day of rehearsals). Children will work in small groups within their pods and develop a mini “Pod Production” through their own writings, improvisations, and direction. We will film all performances to share with families and the DCD community.

Support Resources

While your child’s teacher should be the first line of support for questions about academic content, School Psychologist Erin Albert and Director of Learning Resources and Student Support Dr. Beth Conners will be readily available as well and will meet individually with students in socially-distanced settings. Families working with private tutors should reach out to them directly to arrange plans for off-campus sessions.

Click here to fill out the Fall 2020 Return to School: Social and Emotional Questionnaire.


Although teachers and students may continue to borrow books from the Library, because of the risk of virus transmission, students may not browse the shelves for their selections, and teachers are required to use the hand sanitizer by the display case before browsing.
Students will be able to borrow books during Library classes when the Librarian, Camille Harrison, is with the grade pod. Students who are not in a pod with Ms. Harrison may borrow books through Google Classroom (Grades 3-8) and Library Seesaw (Grades 1 and 2) using an online Library Request Form.
Students in grades 1–8 will answer some brief questions on the form about the books they enjoyed reading (or those they didn’t) and we will select books to be delivered to their homerooms. We are asking students to give us approximately a week turnaround time, but hopefully, we can eventually move much more quickly.
Although we know that good hand hygiene can help mitigate the risk of exposure to coronavirus, we will also have a three-day book quarantine period between when a book is returned and can be borrowed again to further ensure the safety of those borrowing books. This policy will apply to any book that has been touched by someone.

Can teachers and students borrow books? 
Yes, and we hope you all will. 
Can teachers come to the Library to browse for books?
Yes. Teachers are always welcome to come to browse for books. Teachers are asked to use the hand sanitizer by the display case before browsing.
Can students come to the Library to browse for books?
Unfortunately, no. When Ms. Harrison is with a grade pod, she will have students borrowing books every week during Library classes. 
How can students get library books or research help if they can’t stop at the library?
Students who are not in the grade pod can still borrow books through Google Classroom (Grades 3-8) and Library Seesaw (Grades 1 and 2) by filling out an online Library Request Form. Students will answer some brief questions about books they enjoyed reading (or those they didn’t), then we will pull books to be delivered to their homeroom.
For primary school Library requests, families can contact Ms. Harrison directly at charrison@dcds.net
What about virus transmission on books? 
Although we know that good hand hygiene can help mitigate some of this, we will have a three-day book quarantine period between when a book is returned, checked in, and can be borrowed again. This will apply to any book that has been touched by someone.

Beyond DCD: Secondary School Counseling

The secondary school process is already in full swing, as all grade 8 families participated in individual secondary school zoom meetings with Ms. Sidoli and Mr. Edie last spring. As they work to formulate their lists of high schools, a number of opportunities are in place to guide them through the process.  
  • Students will begin their “Smooth Talk” program in September, focusing on interviews, applications, and public speaking.
  • Through virtual meetings throughout the term, parents will continue to connect with Ms. Sidoli and Mr. Edie to further discuss the secondary school process.
  • The secondary school counseling office will host secondary school Admissions Directors on virtual zoom tours of DCD, while 8th-grade students will participate in virtual secondary school information evenings.
  • All grade 8 students will experience practice zoom interviews at DCD prior to their secondary school interviews.

Daily Life and Logistics

Day 1: Knowing Where to Go and What to Do

Carpool: Drop-Off and Pick-Up
Early drop-off will not be available for this school year and our arrival time will be 7:45 a.m. - 8:15 a.m. This extended “start of school” window is intentional and designed to decrease the traffic that might otherwise arrive with a specific arrival time.

Click on the video below to learn how the drop-off process will work for the 2020-21 school year. You can find written instructions here.  All K-8 families will still access campus via Sandy Valley Road and our main driveway, but students will enter and exit the building through various entrances that are closest to their assigned pods. Pre-K students will utilize our Huntington House driveway and proceed directly to the Huntington House building.

Please note, unlike in years past, parents will not be permitted to park and escort their students into the building. We will have additional staff on hand during all drop-off and pick-up times to ensure students are safely directed to their classrooms.

Lunch and Snacks

Under the guidance of Flik Dining Services, we are continuing to provide DCD students with healthful and fresh snack and lunch selections. Lunch selections for individually-packaged homemade meals should be made on a weekly basis using Flik's online ordering form. Tuesday is the deadline for making lunch selections. Download the FlikisDining app or visit https://dcd.flikisdining.com/ and follow this tutorial to set up and/or manage your account. Please note any food allergies when you make your menu selections. Meal sides and snacks are listed on the menu for reference but do not need to be selected. All students will receive sides and snacks.
To maintain social distance and health safety guidelines, children eat outside or remain in their classrooms for their meals. Nuts are excluded from all of DCD's snacks and meals; if your child has other food allergies, please contact the Health Office at health@dcds.net and if they require food accommodations, contact Chef Jeff Stevens at jstevens@dcds.net.

Modified Extended Day

We are pleased to offer DCD's Extended Day Program (EDP) on campus for grades Pre-K through 5 on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday (no EDP on Tuesdays and Fridays due to ongoing faculty professional development). Our modified hours for EDP will be from 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. At this time, we will not be able to allow drop-ins for our program. Please pick up your student promptly by 5:00 p.m. so that the facilities crew is able to clean and sanitize the campus. 

Please note that "Pre-K Stay & Play" will not be impacted by this change and will continue to be offered Mondays-Thursdays from 12:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Megan Saia at msaia@dcds.net

Sample Daily Schedules

To give you a sense of what the schedule will look like in the pod-based learning model, we have provided examples of Sample Daily Schedules for a selection of grades so you can visualize how the program will come to life this year. 

To reduce exposure, specials such as woodshop, art, and library will take place in blocks of time over a concentrated period of time rather than concurrently as has been done in the past during our 6-day daily rotation.

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  • Welcome, Primary School Families

    Hello Everyone!
    Welcome PreK and kindergarten families! I am so excited to start the new school year! 

    Please let me introduce myself. My name is Mary Ellen Maloney. I am the Head of the Primary School as well as a kindergarten teacher. I look forward to further getting to know you and your children!
    Read More

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  • Welcome, Lower School Families

    As the Head of Lower School, I am excited to welcome you to the 2020-21 school year at Dedham Country Day School!  After a very busy summer of planning, the faculty and staff are delighted to be back with your children this fall. 
    Read More

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  • Welcome, Middle School Families

    Last spring I found myself, as I am sure many of you did, trying to manage life on Zoom. Each day I would meet with students or adults on various Zoom calls. Aside from the logistics of finding the invite, I spent time making sure my workplace, usually my bedroom, was, if not inviting, then neutral at best. 
    Read More

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Extended Day Program
Megan Saia
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Mary Ellen Maloney
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